Return and Refund Policy

This policy outlines the basic requirements we expect from our vendors and their customers regarding returns and refunds. For example, responses to requests for repayment terms of expected return and refund the shipping charges. Please be sure to read our returns and refund policy before using the platform.

G Zone policies are designed to create a safe and trusted marketplace for all our users.

You must review, understand and comply with all policies Zona G and with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, codes and standards imposed by any governmental, regulatory or self-regulatory applicable to the use of our services organization.

This Policy Returns and Refunds describes the expected basic requirements related to our sales practices. The examples described in this Policy Returns and Refunds are not exhaustive.

G Zone Policies are updated frequently to address emerging issues, so it is important that you periodically check to verify the changes. Using the Platform and our services you are accepting the latest version of our policies.

Be sure to follow these guidelines. Otherwise you may be subject to a series of actions, including without limitation, restrictions on the privileges of your account and the suspension thereof.
Returns and Refunds Policy

For Sellers:

In selling items to buyers, you must inform your return policy and their right of withdrawal. You must respect the legal rights of the purchaser under applicable Spanish law. We strongly recommend seeking more information related to this point we recommend.
In selling items to buyers, you must report shipping costs to be incurred by the buyer in case of returning the items within legally established.
Total or partial refunds or cancellations can be made from the management area orders from your account.
Vendors are responsible for the resolution of complaints the buyer.

For Buyers:

The terms and conditions of Seller shall apply to any refund and return items. If you want to return an item, you should contact the seller directly through your account, related to your current order option. Seller will inform you on how to return the item and where to send it. Must obtain proof or receipt of expenses for any item returned since this return is your responsibility.
If you need additional information about the return policy of the seller, you should check your store seller for details of its terms and conditions or contact the Seller.
In the case that you receive a damaged, defective or does not comply with the description of Seller, you should immediately contact the Seller and report the exact problem article. You must comply with Seller's return policy to be entitled to any reimbursement by Seller
Since we do not take part in the sales contract between Buyer and Seller, we are not responsible for any liability or warranty assumed by Seller under contract or under the applicable laws governing the contract between Buyer and Seller.
Any complaints or concerning the purchase transaction certainly must be directly addressed to the Seller.
In case of reimbursement by the Seller, the amount will be refunded according to the payment method used at the time of purchase.
If I had a serious problem with Seller regarding compliance with its obligations under the sales contract, you can contact us through
The buyer is responsible for the shipping cost of returns.

Breach of this Policy

Suspend or cancel immediately and without notice any account Seller on which we have reasonable grounds to believe that this policy has failed return and refund.
To report any breach of this policy, please contact us through